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Nass Fresco FinishesFresco® Plaster Finish benefits todays interior environments with truly unique wall and ceiling finishes, sourcing thousands of colors and applications for industry dominance, in the tradition of old Italian Fresco Techniques.

View our portfolio to find out why our clients have chosen Fresco Plaster Finish for its "versatility", "elegance" and "reliable execution".

Fresco® Plaster Finish  was invented by Warren Nass in an attempt to satisfy a marketable demand for a wall finish reminiscent of the old Italian Frescoes in landmarks such as the Sistine Chapel.

The only way to achieve this "fresco®" look, Warren realized, was through the use of an integrally colored plaster that could be troweled on and manipulated during the set stage. This manipulation of the plaster combines the timing of the plaster set, the multiple methods used in the application, and the chemical composition of the plaster. These factors combine to achieve the integrally colored, variegated look of Fresco® Plaster Finish... Read More


“One of my favorite parts about the eco-luxury Sea Wellness Spa I designed at Hotel Casa del Mar in Santa Monica, is the sparkling ceiling in the Quiet Lounge.  It was so easy to work with Nass Fresco and their rep Kathie Wood from Décor Components to create just the right color background and select the proper size glass bead for this sparkling seamless surface.  I love how it’s made from recycled glass and I was able to specify the exact color, and because it was applied with a trowel, there are no seams under the uplighting that would have appeared with glass bead wallpaper.  When guests sit back and relax in that room, they get to enjoy this special ceiling and of course whenever I give a tour, I make sure to point it out. Thanks Nass Fresco and Décor Components!"

Rachel - ETTA Designs

"Having done several healthcare projects with Nass Fresco® over the years brought us to a situation where at Rush University Medical Center we had to match and patch an existing installation in a nursing unit that had been closed down for several years and was now being re-activated.  Our contact Rae Radovich went into the archives and found our original fresco plaster colorations and working with their installation crews we were able to patch areas of the original walls that had been damaged and re-create the two-color blend for new areas being added. This adaptability and flexibility helped keep the project within budget but also speed up the construction period so that the unit could be put back into service quickly.

Alan Mack - Proteus Group

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Fresco® Plaster Finish is a two-coat plaster system that consists of a base coat for foundation and strength and a finish coat for variegation and texture. The hardness and strength of Fresco® Plaster Finish...
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